Kardamili is many things. With its captivating charms, it has become one of the most attractive wedding destinations for those who seek a luxurious and fun location all in one.

With years of experience behind the lens, Vangelis is a wedding photographer in Kardamili that understands exactly how to capture the heart and soul of Greeceā€™s most romantic place and the stylish brides who descend upon it.

Having Vangelis as your Kardamilis wedding photographer assures no moments go unnoticed under his watchful eye.

Vangelis Vryonis, a wedding photographer in Mani who captures the essence of chic

There is nothing more important for a bride than feeling beautiful on her wedding day, and that her vision is heard.

Vangelis Vryonis innate ability to connect with brides and be a sounding board for their needs is what makes him one of the go-to Kardamili wedding photographers for couples who travel far and wide to celebrate their love on this destination wedding heaven.

Vangelis has years of experience as a wedding photographer on Kardamili have allowed him to hone his craft of capturing the luxe aura of this dreamy destination.

He knows exactly where to photograph the couples to capture the spirit of this Greek gem, all while highlighting the beauty and excitement of a bride on her wedding day.

Whether you get married on one of the iconic beaches, or at one of the many luxury resorts sprinkled along the coasts, Vangelis will be by your side to create images to treasure forever

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